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Special Screening of Rattle and Hum


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Now that I have your attention


This is mainly for anyone attending the Concerts in Melbiurne in December


Nikaliptus a fellow Zootop and I were chatting about how great it would be if IMAX was to show U23D again while the band was here in December. We then moved on to wishing we could convince a cinema to show Rattle and Hum as well.


Nik then mentioned that there is a theatre in Melbourne (The Astor Theatre) that screens old movies, who also have a suggestion box (link here) http://www.astor-theatre....stor-suggestion-box.html


We were thinking that if they receive many requests for a screening of Rattle and Hum that they may actually screen it while we're all together in Melbourne.


My email to the Theatre advised them that the band was coming and that we'd like to request that they show Rattle and Hum. I also provided them with the tour dates and mentioned that there would be lots of people who would no doubt love to attend the screening.


So for anyone who is attending the Melbourne Shows, or for that matter anyone who would like to help us out, we'd appreciate it if you'd take the time and follow the link above and request a screening. Who knows we might just be successful





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Pebs, TCH did this when they came to Birmingham on the ZooTV tour, as she was still working at the theatre at that time. Paramount also provided movie posters. :-)


Another idea is that from time to time, we would rent out a theater and movie to people. Contact your local cinema company and see if they can help you. So, if you had enough people willing to pitch in the money, I bet you could do it. But if the cinema stands to make a profit, I bet they would be willing to do it too.

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