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U2 & Carbon Dioxide


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i can see the OP's frustration, but i admit its hard.... we're all used to living the good life arent we? we wanna see bands and shows. we wanna use all these devices that make life easy and fun. we wanna see the beautiful places of this world with our own eyes. but by travelling by plane, we help pollute this earth even more. i saw this list a couple of years ago, bout travelling ways and how much they pollute. planes are the worst, cars are bad to.... worse than buses (cause at least they transport more people...). trains are rather good . but i like to travel by car, with the airco on and a big traveling box on the roof (to save some room in the car) and this is a very polluting way to travel, i know...

but we have to make choices, you could just stay on your couch for the rest of your life, and take your bike to go to the local store, or you can enjoy life and try to at least make up for this pollution by making the small, personal efforts....
its hard, cause who wants to give up all these nice things?

so i try to recycle the garbage, use the low-energy lighting and machines, take my bike to go to the bakery nearby. but the knowledge that it probably cant make up for the polluting i do during my life-time makes me sad sometimes...
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