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U2 - please play Electrical Storm for both Auckland NZ shows in Nov 2010!!


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eek.gif Kia ora everyone,


Apologies if someone has already created a topic for this, I did have a bit of a look but couldn't see anything.


I and others are desperate for U2 to play the magnificent Electrical Storm at both of their Auckland New Zealand concerts this November - please pledge your support here if you want to help us get the band's attention and make our wish come true!


For Facebook users, there is also a Facebook group you can join here:


Thank you heaps  eek.gif






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now im gonna be a pain & say we want it in both sydney shows two Please
makes sense for them to play it in a few shows if they're going to go to the hassle of having a refresh of this song. Would be great to think we could get some different stuff from what's on the european leg
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Thanks people!
Just to clarify Stubby, it's not actually my Facebook group but I saw it and decided to help spread the word. Thanks for joining thumbsup.gif

Happy, that would be awesome and not a pain at all! I think they should play it everywhere, myself.
But that's just me cute.gif.

Let's make some nooooooooise!!
If enough of us keep this thread current, by having a new post at least once a day if possible, maybe someone who's someone in Camp U2 might see it ...

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I dont want to be a party pooper but I just have not been impressed with the song live. It just does not do it justice. I LOVE the song dont get me wrong...I just dont think they have figured out how to play it live
Damn ... well, I guess the best thing is for them to play it to us and then we can decide for ourselves  ohwell.gif
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