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I am hearing Always Forever Now for the first time after being alerted to it via the Istanbul show.  It has been on a loop for the last 1/2 hour...Wonderful!
The only other music I know from Passengers is Viva Davidoff.
Does anyone have a list of all the song titles produced by Passengers?
Thank you!

By the way, when was Passengers producing?  I have this sense it was a long time ago, but the music sounds so current, and I am wondering just how far ahead of its time it might have been?
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Miss Sarejevo was the big commercial track I assume it's on the album.

Came out around 92/93

Never seen it for sale and Larry was not happy cos he wasn't on it. - Did Mission Impossible soundtrack to compensate.

not sure where you & security are located, but JB Hi Fi normally have a good selection of back catalogues - worth the hunt, itunes has Passengers also. 
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Hey anonymnity, here is some advice:


Google the passengers and include eno u2 and or pavrotti

It is basically a lost or experimental prooject where eno is the caqptain or band leader

and all others are passengers, along for the ride


Except for bono vocals it is akin to Enos's Nerve Net

Which I love, easily his most agressive uptempo work

outside of Talking Heads ' Renain in Light


Yes, Ms Sarajevo was a cd single and includes extra songs

Released as a single w/ promo video and help of u2 to highlight war in


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It's actually an interesting listen - most of it is really Brian Eno and Edge mucking around - but there are some very eye (ear) opening tracks on it - and I think this project was essential for them to develop into where they are right now.


The album didn't sell very well and was largely panned by the critics but it does have "Miss Sarajevo" on it, which really is one of the most remarkable songs U2 has ever recorded.


Viva Davidoff wasn't on the album - it appeared as a b-side on the Miss Sarajevo single (along with a live version of "One" recorded with a string orchestra in Modena - and a remix of Zoo Station called "Bottoms")


The Passengers album tracklisting is as follows:


United Colours of Plutonium


Your Blue Room [this was on the bonus cd for U2 Greatest Hits 1991-2000]

Always forever now

A different kind of blue

Beach Sequence [this piece of music is beautiful]

Miss Sarajevo

Ito Okashi [another very beautiful and interesting track]

One minute warning

Corpse (these chains are way too long) [Edge sings this]

Elvis ate America [very interesting rap with Bono and Howie B]

Plot 180

Theme from the Swan

Theme from Let's go Native


There are a few of these songs posted on Youtube with accompanying videos. Check them out!!!

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Heh, sorry for all of the PS's, but were all four of u2's members a part of Passengers?  Was anyone else?  Who did the actual producing on these works?  Thanks!
Yes, all of U2 + Brian Eno were involved in the Passengers project. Your Blue Room is another standout track, and I think Elvis Ate America is cool too. And, actually Larry didn't like it because it was too artsy for him to digest. Always Forever now was featured in the movie Heat. One Minute Warning was featured in Ghost in the Shell (anime movie).

All in all, I think U2 + Eno should have another go at Passengers.


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