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U2 strangeness on Google Images...


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Bored?  Of course you are--or you wouldn't be on these boards, right?  wink.gif


The night after U2 played Istanbul, I was online and bored, so I ran the words "U2 Turkey" through the Google Images, to see if there were any images available of the show, etc.  Not at that time...but the weird mashup of U2 and non-U2 images was definitely...well, they must be putting together some truly odd algorithms down there at Google HQ.  Who knew there were so many pictures of raw, plucked turkeys in bikinis online?  What I got was a huge number of U2-related images, both familiar and new, and a lot of images about turkeys (cooked, alive, cartoons, you name it) and a whole bunch of seemingly random stuff.  Sort of a Zoo-TV vibe, if that tour had been done a $50 budget, maybe. 


Pretty funny.  Of course, if you go over to Google Images now, and type in "U2 Turkey," you'll get scads of photos from the band's Istanbul stop, and lots of turkey-bird images, but no turkeys in bikinis that I could see. Still, scroll fast and it's kind of funny.


Also tried "U2 Pizza" (not too bad), "U2 kitchen" (pretty good), and "U2 Hamburger" (funniest of the lot).  So U2 + food on Google images = cheap humor. Maybe next time I should try "U2 kielbasa."  Or is that too Freudian?


Random funny stuff pops up: Lemurs.  Larry drinking a pint in Boston.  Photographic proof that U2 lyrics were stuck on containers of shredded cheese in some NYC deli.  And, of course, lots of images that are funny just by being there--lots of material for the "it's not supposed to be funny" file. 


Go ahead and give it a whirl yourself - and try your own incongruent combos, and let us know what comes up.  (It doesn't have to be about food, btw...just an unusual combination of "U2" + some other search term(s).





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Ok, so I tried it. I typed in the search terms u2 and bored and got the usual images of Bono and the whole band, but I also got images like this:



This image is from page 5 of search results, but the first five image results are pictures of flashlight parts. Don't know how they're related to U2 and bored, but ok!

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