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What mood are you in today??

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[quote name='Anjana wrote:

Zhivvy wrote:

barbara1']cuddly, lazy.... after the washing up and ironing, watching animal planet on the couch, laptop and puppies within reach...

* barb wonders if is it to early for a nice glass of red wine....... maybe a cup of tea first?

Never too early for wine!!1 Will be on it soon! My grumpiness has returned, even though I have had a good day. Even took some BTB pics which I will post later. I need to take some anti-grumpy tablets I think - and so does John and we'll be fine!



I wonder if this pill would work...









It sure works for me LOL!!

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High levels of stress just want to break down and cry, always am self destructing when I feel like this..cry.gifsomebody musnt like me..



We all love you in here y'know. I can understand how down you're feeling, I have bouts like this too and it feels wretched like nothing will get better, it's an awful thing.  PM me if you need a chat xx

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