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What mood are you in today??

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it didnt rain so much today, kids had extra day off, i 'm off the entire week! nice! gonna meet my friend again for lunch tomorrow, so will be a great day too.happy.gif

made everyones favourite dish tonite (slices of chicken with littel meatballs, pineapplepieces and mushrooms in a currysauce) so everyone was happy!
but worried too, cause poor zita (female bulldog) isnt feeling good. don know whats wrong, she slept all day and didnt wanna play with puppy, she gets mad if he starts to play. will have to take her to vet, if she's not better tomorrow.
btw, zhiv, our rabbit find somekinda trick to open his cage, we found him in the garden for the 3rd time today... little houdini!
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