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What mood are you in today??

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I really feel sorry for your mate , thats a horrifying ordeal to go through it twice , does she have pepper spray now ?

Dont blame her for wanting to close her shop though , you cant reason with criminals their too low..................

Thanks Love and yes she did manage to mace him which probably saved her life.  Her husband had already provided her with some before the first incident. xxxoooxxx
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 Slightly irritated because in my neck of the woods, women (especially me) are constantly advised to give up our hopes and dreams for the future in order to make life easier for others.
Your life is your own Illumi and you are obligated to no-one but yourself.  You may choose to be responsible for others as you go through life but you are given a path all of your own and each day you step on it. Your hopes and dreams are what light your way in your darkest hours of despair. No-one on this Earth has any right to 'advise' you to give them up because you will be one miserable, bitter, resentful person if you do. Women are like plants and should be allowed to bloom. They need the rays of encouragement like the rays of the sun. If left unattended without attention for too long they wither and die.

I know of an elderly lady who has recently just learned to swim - she is now 76. You are never too old and it is never too late.

If you are a parent your dreams may be delayed for a while because we put our children first - but you should love yourself just as much as you are a child of creation and you were born to create.

I remember watching Rosanne Barr on t.v. once in an interview and she explained that you cannot share abundance in life until your cup is overflowing.  If you are not truly happy then you cannot help others to be happy either.

If your cup is not full then if can easily be emptied by others who drink from it and if you continue to give to others while your cup is not overflowing then you will eventually be drained.

It is not about being selfish (I am not happy with that word at all) It is about being self full  selful.

When an aeroplane is going down and the oxygen masks come out you are advised to put your own on first and then help others.

If you love god you should love yourself because you are a part of god - Then love your neighbour.

God wants you to be happy so you go for it girl!

Listen to your own heart beating not others bleating. blue_butterfly.gif




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[quote name='Lemonhead wrote:

Zhivvy wrote:

Lemonhead wrote:

Zhivvy']Sleepy mood - and cold too - My God I think there are polar bears in the garden!

uh oh! We forgot to mention those Fukitol pills give you hallucinations

So I am inagining the rain and wind too? Cool, it really is a summer's day!

Zhivvy rushes upstairs to change into shorts and t-shirt!!!!


Put it this way, if the polar bears you're seeing in the garden are in their swim suits playing beach volley, then yes I reckon you'll be safe in shorts and t-shirt happy.gif


laugh.gifthat image is stuck in my head now... i mean the bears not zhiv in shortstongue.gif

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