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What mood are you in today??


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I am feeling bright and cheery today...there is snow on the ground for the first time here in Colorado where I live and it is beautiful.  We have had such a mild fall/Autumn with such sun filled days...I am glad to see the snow it makes me think of a fresh start and new beginning.

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sigh...little jealous at you sacred rose, cause next too warm, sunny and hot, snow and sun is the next best thing....

btw; never knew you guys call it hibernating... i'll try to remember that... *hibernating, hibrnating, hiberntatin...oops
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I have been working on a huge project since May 2009. As the project progressed, I agreed to incorporate a number of other major design changes into the project as it meant that it would save time, a huge amount of money and would half the resources required. Also, I love a challenge. The bigger the challenge, the bigger my smile. So, we are nearing the end of. We are at the implementation stage. In the 18 months that it has been going on, I have managed about 70 individuals across 17 functions to ensure that they focused on their aspect of the project so that we could get it done on time and within budget. This included doctors, engineers, marketing managers, regulatory specialists etc. So today was D-Day: the day all requirements were closed out. We had until the end of the year to complete this project but we will have the change implemented this Monday. So, it was all good until today.... someone sent me an email. It was sent directly to me and no one else was copied. It was from a production operative. The email was without any punctuation - no fullstops or commas. Basically, she said, in no uncertain terms, that I was not going to implement my change because she was not informed. I was going to forward it to her supervisor but then I decided to ignore it. If I did something about it, she'd probably be fired, or at the very least, given a stern warning. We live in uncertain times and I think we all need our jobs. People who use email for work need to understand that they are a great way for communication but a thoughtless comment can be extremely dangerous. I believe, in a business setting, all emails should be written with diplomacy, tact and consideration. An email should never been written when in a rage. If you are angry over something and you do write an email. Don't send it until you have calmed down and re-read it. You never know who might end up reading it.


Despite the above, my mood is good. Why wouldn't I be ... I'm nearly 2 months ahead of schedule and well under budget! :-)

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