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What mood are you in today??


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I'm pretty much in a perpetual state of anxiety. My job ends in December, I'll get severence pay (full paychecks) until middle of March and also unemployment. Our son just graduated high school and can't even find a simple job. So many adults are out of work the young people are really losing out on jobs they'd normally get but are going to older, experienced workers. They're not gaining that early work experience we all had. I want to him to go to the community college and learn a trade, but he just wants to make some money right now, can't blame him.


My husbands job is moving far enough away that we have to move, he can't commute that distance, in a little over a year. I'm living in fear of not being able to sell our house and then what do we do. The housing market is so bad, not much is selling. It's all I think about, and the husband doesn't seem to understand we may end up in a financial crisis if the house doesn't sell before his job moves. UGH!

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