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Unforgettable concert - U2 in Sarajevo, 23.09.1997. - In the Name of Love!


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Today marks the 13th anniversary of a gig that will never be forgotten - the first and, so far, the only U2 concert in Bosnia, for which no review eloquent enough can even be written. It was more than a gig, way more, it was the single best music event in Bosnia ever, but again, more than music, it was hope, peace, love!

Unforgettable moments given by and shared with these four gentlemen will never exit the hearts and minds of all those Bosnians who were there, on that bewitching September night, signing their lungs out through tears of joy - and when Bono's own voice broke, all the people there, including me, a 14th-year old U2 fan that was ecstatic to see for the first time her favourite band, became his voice, and when Bono asked us to ''carry him, like we carried each other in those weeks, months and years..." we did so with all the happiness in the world. For the world was in Sarajevo that night, the center of the entire universe was in Sarajevo, underneath that gigantic arch, lemon and a toothpick, and truly, there wasn't a better place to be than in Kosevo stadium, seeing Bono, Larry, Adam and Edge in front of your very own eyes, giving their all to Bosnia. This gig will never be forgotten, I can say that for myself and everyone that was there. U2 gave to us that night everything we were missing in those four war years and more... the lyrics "we can break through/ though torn in two/ we can be one..." are like devoted to Bosnia and they scarcely if ever ring more true than here!

Now, 13 years from that night, seeing some of the recorded songs from the gig, going through photos, memorabilia, memories... I want to say everything, but I can't say a thing... all I can do is sing and speak all the words Bono said on that night, since I have the memorized by heart... well, what better way to spend an evening, right?

This was my first gig ever, and by my favourite band, which was enough to leave such a deep mark (yes) on my heart... and even though, sadly, I wasn't able to visit any other U2 show (because of visas) until last year, when they were in Zagreb, it was worth waiting all these years to see them again... and a magical moment that happened between Bono and me there, on the second night, is probably the best moment of my life! I don't want to write "War and Peace" here, plus it's a digression of sorts, so here's my blog entry on that: Best Moments of My Life, vol. 1

This may seem like a nostalgic letter of sorts to you all here, but I know you all know how great and big-hearted U2 are, so this is just one more story in a sea of other, wonderful ones, kept by us fans like messages in bottles, scattered across the sea... I guess I just want to say once more, publicly, how much I love this band, and what great, unforgettable thing they did, and are always doing, for Bosnia. With every "Miss Sarajevo" sung and played, there's one less dark cloud above my country... Thank you Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam - ''svirati u Sarajevu je bio vas poklon nama'' ("to play in Sarajevo was still a gift from you to us!")!!!


(and a chilling Stand By Me...)


Thank you all for reading/listening to me^^



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Gig in Sarajevo was great only because of one thing - a post war time. People needed music, especially U2. However, Bono's voice broke down but he was singing with his soul.

We definitely need U2 again on those areas, Croatia and Bosnia And Herzegovina. That was emotional concert that stick people together, no matter which religion or nationality they are. When it is about U2, we are only U2 fans. Nothing else.




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