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Whats songs would you like to hear at shows


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Totally agree with "another time another place" and "love comes tumbling". I also absolutely love "heartland" and I think they should definately resurrect "Gloria" to go along with "Mercy" "Zoo station" for all the Zootopians and if they can get an electric violinist on stage one of their most hauntingly beautiful songs "drowning man" I think any woman would melt if Bono sang that to her





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I've always loved Another Time Another Place, it's one of the hidden gems on Boy - thanks for posting this thread as it made me realise I've never heard that song live - it prompted me to scour youtube - I found this:



I would like to hear U2 play Tomorrow and October live (but those songs would suit a more intimate setting than a stadium).


Like a Song is another one I'd really love to hear them play live because it's so raw and energetic.


An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart, Out of Control, Wire, Red Hill Mining Town, Bullet the Blue Sky, Who's gonna ride your wild horses, The Fly, Even better than the real thing, Dirty Day, Stay!!!.


Staring at the Sun, DISCOTHEQUE (for goodness sake why aren't they playing this in full on 360????)




Stateless (yet another buried gem), Stand up Comedy (only to hear Edge do it just once - it's one of the funkiest riffs he's ever played) and White as Snow (because it's the best song on NLOTH).

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I would say that my ideal setlist for this week (cause im always changing my mind) would be:


Space Oddity



Return of the stingray guitar (house lights on, Bono not on stage)

**lights off**

Fez over PA (edge sings "Let me in the sound" bit the two times)/

Being born (enter Bono, band playing)

Unknown Caller


Electric Co

Beautiful Day -- with 2009 intro again

Miracle Drug or electrical storm

Every Breaking Wave or North Star (version 2)

**transition straight into**

The Fly (cause EBW sounds just like Elevation Boston Fly intro)


When I Look At the World



Sunday Bloody Sunday (maybe Love and Peace some nights)


Still Havent Found or Mothers of the Disappeared

One Tree Hill or Sometimes you cant make it or Moment of S



Get On Your Boots (fish Out of water. intro over PA, band starts when lyrics come in)



UV (or Gone for a few nights)

Disappearing Act






Drop Ins



Van Dieman's

Desmond Tutu (New song inspired by the career of U2)


and of course Bad


text book case with Bad the other night, everyone freaks out when we see the super special rare performance, wouldnt be that way if it were a regular


and shine like stars snippet in WOWY. good

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