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Bono Be Well...Think of Yourself 1st!

manon amos

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sorry ladies but extreme loyalty and extreme stubborness go hand in hand. The same as an intensely passionate person comes with an intensely passionate temper.

He will push himself to the extreme to finish this leg of the tour and it ends tonight so we can all light candles for him now.

Just imagine if a Bee was the same size as an aeroplane how much noise it would make and how much damage would the vibration from the hum of the wings cause.  Flowers would have to be the size of islands.


We love you Bee man.blue_butterfly.gif


From the flowers in your garden.


p.s Zivvy Barbara1 Anjana and Illumination etc all welcome you to pollinate them anytime!happy.gifroll.gifsmile.gifwink.giftongue.gif

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