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So does anybody know when this new album is coming out or did I miss the train again ??


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I think they have got their hands full with the tour and Bono needs to recover a lot more and they know their fans have extremely high expectations so it will not be a rush job.

after all if it's not up to standard they're going to get told aren't they? cos people demand their money's worth these days heaven forbid that Bono might forget the odd lyric or sing a single wrong note cos he's supposed to be perfect isn't he and not allowed to make the odd mistake like a normal guy! Although even when normal guys make mistakes they are severely berated as well.

It seems to me that in todays world it is the ultimate sin simply to be human.indifferent.giffrown.gifembarassed.gifeyes.gif

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[quote name='antonija_croatia wrote:

123love']Just wondering is there more new surprises at the oncoming shows ??

Read it here:



There are definitely some rumours about Album coming out at November 8, 2010.

All we can do is to wait ;)

First time I've actually seen a date attached but I think its a 'believe it when I see it' thing.  I'm sure we would have started to see some promotion if it was going to be early november, even itunes has promotion for big new albums two weeks before they come out.


Waiting eagerly...

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