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Happy Birthday U2!


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Looks like 34 years is enough - the party's over, U2. You have abused your fame and conned the world, and now you've been found out. Your music isn't even that good - one can hardly hear or understand the words, lots of repetition, maybe one good line per song. But that's nothing compared to the fact that Bono used his fame and name to gather money for the poor - that never went to the poor! It just went to inflated salaries and bullshit. 

Check out these articles – U2 and Bono are exposed - hissham ONE foundation simply pays high salaries - now they claim they are just an"advocacy program." What weasels.  This disgusts me.  Bono has conned the world with his BoneBullshit misuing the sacred ONEness. Had he actually given the money he raisedto people and programs who needed it, instead of padding his own bank account, he would have done an amazing thing. As it is, they just got caught, and this discounts any campaign for good in the world that U2 has done. A crying shame - there's the line for your next song. Onemore reason why I don’t give money to any such organizations.mad.gif





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