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mac is off to florida!

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Cool pix Mac - Disneyland & all the offshoots around the world rock. Always thought you'd have to be such a miserable prick not to have fun at these places.

oh aye! i had a great time! the offshoots around the world, man i loved it there! i was pretty drunk that day!

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Your kids look so happy to be there - and they are beautiful too!!!

Have really been enjoying looking at your pics



just a couple more pics from the the FLORIDA MALL!


ok................for those who have been looking at these pics from the beginning................you will notice my son had a fight with the dark lord vader..........well in the mall it looks like vader got his revenge alright!!!!




and in the mall, there is M&M world! YES! everything is M&M's!!!!! here is ELI by the M&M car..........





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ok thats it for now..........................


i have one more load of pics to post (oh thank god!!!) from universal and universal islands of adventure. neither of them are disney parks so it was good to get away from the whole mickey thing..............i really enjoyed all the parks but there was something good about universal, see if you lot can guess what it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


until then watch this space yo!

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Fabulous photos Mac! I love the Winnie the Pooh pics, I love Winnie and his friends. Those were our sons favorite books, cartoons, videos when he was little. I wish I could've taken him there when he was little and he could've met those characters, he would've loved it and I would've had great memories.


Your kids are adobrable :)

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