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mac is off to florida!

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Fabulous photos Mac! I love the Winnie the Pooh pics, I love Winnie and his friends. Those were our sons favorite books, cartoons, videos when he was little. I wish I could've taken him there when he was little and he could've met those characters, he would've loved it and I would've had great memories.


Your kids are adobrable :)



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ok YAH!


right, this is the LAST park of my trip to sunny florida! UNIVERSAL! yep! if you like THE SIMPSONS, JAWS, SPIDERMAN, THE HULK, JURASSIC PARK, HARRY POTTER, THE MUMMY, BACK TO THE FUTURE, EARTHQUAKE EXPERIANCE (even though im sure the people of india would not approve) EXTREME ROLLERCOASTERS, eating great BURGERS etc etc, then this is the place for you! a little pricey to get in, but it was worth the money! just think to get into these places cost more than a U2 concert ticket! am i mad? am we crazy? hell no!


i also said that there is something amongst this lot which i thought of most of you when i took these pics and saw this lot...................see if you can spot what it is!!!!!!


EVERYONE should know this sign!!!!!! in the background you can see the RIP ROARING ROCKET! mental!




a small view of the park, another river......................




9 o clock in the morning, streets are empty, there is a mr.mac and a mrs.mac about!



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