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mac is off to florida!

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right! for people who have been following me on this very long thread and adventure will now know that my son elijah fought darth vader! and beat him quite easily! but then vader had his REVENGE! well guess who i stumbled across............... oh yes!




and now its time for my REVENGE!



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ok! now we are coming to the BUISNESS end of this mega trip! just read the sign!




(for those who were wondering, if you still are wondering, i think your getting WARM! kerching!!!!! (but is it.............)

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I've got to go to Universal Studios some day, and Disneyworld again, it's been too long.


Love the Delorean and Jaws. When I was much younger and we'd go to Florida every year, I'd swim way out into the ocean. Then I read Jaws and saw the movie. Ever since then the few times I get to the ocean now, I never go out above my knees. That movie scared the crap out of me and I watch it still when it's on tv.


What a great vacation Mac and awesome photos! A lifetime memory :)

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