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Bono lost in #10 Downing Street...lol


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Daily Express:

U2 frontman Bono once "got lost" at the residence of the Prime Minister following a boozy dinner with former leader Tony Blair.

The rocker was invited to Number 10 Downing Street while Blair was in office to discuss politics over dinner and drinks.

Bono admits he indulged in a "few" glasses of wine and when Blair left the table to take an emergency phone call, the singer walked away and ended up wandering the corridors of the building in a confused state.

He says, "So I'm wandering through No. 10 and I got lost. It's a labyrinth. I'm walking into rooms, looking at pictures on the wall of David Lloyd George, who divided Ireland under threat of war. I thought how far have two countries come when the Irish rock star can wander through No. 10 unaccompanied. I should have taken a portrait of Lloyd!"

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