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The "Happy Birthday Larry" Thread!!

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Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, all the way from Vancouver! I hope you, (and my friend from Edmonton who's birthday is also Oct 31st), have a day filled with big smileshappy.gif, laughterlaugh.gif, good friendsalien.giftongue.gif, family, and since you're Irish, a lot of boozewink.gif.


Can't wait to see you all in June in Seattle, and New York in July!



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Dear Larry,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you very much for inviting some talented musicians to form the Larry Mullen Band 34 years ago. With this very first rehearsal you created the basis for the extraordinary and successful history of U2. Your great musicianship, your virtuosity as a drummer, your big energy and creativity and your absolute commitment helped your band shape and develop over the years. Your outstanding work always means much more than just rhythm, because the way you play the drums contributes so much to the specific tone colours of U2´s music. You are the heartbeat of U2. Also many thanks for your amazing, powerful and unforgettable performance in Vienna on August 30th!larry_happy.gif

I wish you much, much luck, health, success and joy! May your rhythm be unbroken for many, many years.

Greetings from Austria

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