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The "Happy Birthday Larry" Thread!!


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Happy Birthday to my favourite drummer in the world! Thank you for having the courage to post that note at Mount Temple and dreaming out loud. I hope you have a magnificent birthday! xoxoxo ~mich40

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A Birthday Limerick for LarryLambchop

There was a drummer called Larry

Who thought his age was quite scary

But altho forty nine

The years had been kind

And he was still hot enough to marry

d211.gif a birthday dance for you from me xx

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Another Birthday Limerick for Larry Luscious-Lips

There was a drummer called Mullen

Who was looking rather sullen

He’d reached forty nine

And felt may have to resign

To wearing tweeds and woollens

(just kidding you hottie!)

5_1_102.gif another birthday dance from me to you, you lucky thing, I don't do it for just anyone y'know!

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Yet another Birthday Limerick for Larry HotBot

There was a drummer from Ireland

Who’d formed a well known rock band

He played at a gig

Which was really quite big

Keep drumming man, that’d be grand

dance7.gif and now for my final dance, I'm get tired jiggying (my hips can't take it at my age)

                    Apologies for the bubblegum pink get-up, it's the Midlands girl in me!!

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