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I thought it'd be nice to have a birthday thread for all our lovely Zootops! Please add your birthday messages and if you have a birthday coming up add it here and we can all celebrate with you... love and community... ENJOY!happy.gif

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Please post your details and�[/font]I'll update this list. Cheers m'dears!happy.gif


(PS. 1st Sept 2011 - I have gone thru the whole thread today and added as many extra ones as I could find in various messages BUT and it is a BIG BUT(!) when I edit this list for some reason some additions don't appear (it has driven me nuts today!) so sincere apologies if any are missing - I did my best - honest!! Happy to put any missing ones back, just let me know. Thanks)



1st Nazhira
6th Barbara's brother
7th Janette B.


14th AislingDreamGirl


16th Inter 1


7th Polly
10th JenB
14th Jojes
20th Barbara & John (Zhiv's hubby)


8th Simone (S!m0n3)
9th Wahine
13th Adam the Poptart
14th Lailaketo


1st Peter Mullen and Mich40
5th N2U274
6th Tiziana68
14th MichielovesU2
24th? Redhead 11


3th Silas

4th Claire T's

10th Bonobaby




2nd Sacred Rose
3rd Kerttuli

13th Zhivvy

14th Jake99

26th(?) 123love

29th U2 fan Blake (LMM's friend!)
30thZooropa Rockz &Jona (barbara's oldest son)


6th Hans (Barbara's love)

7th Febottini ("not a shaken martini"!!)

16th Irene (Fragrant)

20th PattiU2

24th Larry's Leo?�

29th Suee

30th Helen (Hnicolaidesk) & Baja


7th Tammi (LMM's friend)
8th Mr The Edge
9th Eleanor (Zhiv's little 'un)

11th Scout6

16th TerriB

20th Jenmusic

23rd Larry's Leo

24th Camucha

27th LinneaS


14th Latria


16th Savannah (Jen B's daughter)

20th Maggie Patchwork18



7th Elaine

11th (?) Liljbau

12th (I think!) Sigma 957�

15th Illumination 70

25th Davcal (thank you Sue!)

29th Johnny the Fox

30th Kris

31st Caz63 & Celebrian & Magewindu

Our lovely Larry's 50th!







1st U2 Ireland (thank you Sue)

8th Dennis (JanetteB's husband)
10th Shirley 2010
12th Lgg

14th Zhiv's mum
15th Raw_Power Rob (LMM's mate)

16th Anj

18th Peter Ferris

20th Nikki1120

24th Lemonhead[/font]



1st Lena (barbara's daughter)
2nd Carriemunky
8th Erinrip
10th Electricco
11th Pal40 and Walkon
14th Atomicacrobat, redandwhitepebble and Vertigo
15th Angela, Colms, Partygirl and unprodigaldaughter
16th Brently, Cassie and Coolshades
17th Choubidouwa

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And feel free to cut and paste these little zootops in your posts, they are always happy and always celebrating! More in my profile if you want them.

 greenstars.gifloveshower.gif19.gifconfetti.gif clap.gif  balloony.gif  2lbkos0.gif cancan.gifchoir.gif  connie_24.gifballoons.gif Vishenka_04.gif4xvim2p.giforegonian_winesmiley.gif toyou.gif  thankyou.gif626gdau.gif  dancing1.gifbliss.gif2.gif29dz8zk.gif3120.gifn7.gifBanane21.gifbanana_smiley_32.gifbanana_smiley_7.gif4hu5109.gifbanana_smiley_19.gifstudsmatta.gif2vsj1nm.giflove0088.giflove0072.gifpic4ever_com_free_smiley.gifdancegirl2.gif2uge4p4.gifza4.gifza2.gifparty0037.gifparty0039.gifparty0012.gifparty0018.gif
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i think you are going to be very busy .....and just love the zootops now which one will i go for? roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gif

It'll be fun!! But I think it's the easiest way to do it to keep the current list prominent, pleased you are liking the little zootops!!

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