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Not much of a birthday though Lord people are still being tortured for their beliefs although in today's modern age it is done in cyberspace.  People are loving their neighbours some of them maybe a little too much, they put them on pedestals and listen to their every word and follow them everywhere, they're called celebrities and - can you believe it - some of these celebrities even buy into this and let their followers know that they're doing even so far as to let people know when they are performing bodily functions - they call it twittering, prefer to leave that to birds of the feathered variety myself. They do a very strange thing though do the followers of celebrities they like to build them up on a pedestal and then knock them off as well. Of course there are some decent famous people and some of us follow them and they follow you and like us they make mistakes but we don't knock them down for it. Others try and knock them down but some of us like to pick them up again. Could you please send a few more angels to watch over them next year because it's going to be a tough one.  We will continue to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. We will get offended and we will offend. We will try and we will be dissappointed, we will have moments of joy and moments of despair but if there were no darkness we would not be able to see the light. Just one question - did you create death to remind us to live or did you create death so that we would not forget you?tired.gif Answers in a candle flame - ok thanks for that. laugh.gif

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Happy Birthday, enjoy it, live it, and I should say, today is my son Luis Fernando's birthday too. 14, a young age. But, yes, we do need to celebrate with family and friends on every opportunity we have. Life is to be lived, not to live a life as an act for someone else, controlling even your breaths. One can love and be free, . I learned that being bound and free is the most beautiful thing in the world. I thought I never love anyone the way I know this love today. It is powerful, yet free, clean and pure. Thats the kind of love I desire. A love that takes me to higher planes. All 4 of you gets a kiss on the cheeks from Realm, and a poke on the Prince's dimple. Today, I am very very peaceful and happy with my children. Nothing but a peaceful existence will do. All 4 of you have brought happiness to me and my children, like Lili and Jose. And you are blessed to be able to even practice with Bono when he open his lips. Bono is too enchanting. I super adore Bono and his energy. I might as give up. Surrender to the Love I feel. I send you Peace and Love, and if Possible, give me an appoint soon to meet you NY. I am too awaken now, I can only go foward. Thanks to the teachings of Prince Bono, I am free. Oh, Prince, you have been a musician for centuries, a king for ever. You are what you are, the Essence always remains thru time, space and distance and death cannot change your essence or separate me or you from those we love. That is the truth of you.

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