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Having a quiet day just chilling really, quite tired having been away most of the week, got back last night but am quite zoned out, not quite in the flow of things just yet!  Am a bit 'duhhhhhhhhh', maybe i need a bucket of cold water thrown over me!

Got AB deluxe box set from hubsy so have been pawing thathappy.gif It was quite a feat to have waited for it for 2 weeks knowing it was in the house!! Must be my age teaching me to be patient LOL

When I woke up this morn my Blackberry screen had an email; sender:  'U2'  title 'Happy Birthday'!! Turned out to be an email about AB being 20years old!! But then later I got a text saying "Happy birthday from U2, hope you have a lovely day!!" (surely it should have said beautiful daywink.gif) Figured it must have been something i registered with like a competition but it was kinda nice to see that on my screen today!!happy.gif

Shame this site doesn't do a Happy Birthday message as they come up, i'm sure it used to do some kinda 'today's birthday' thing, didn't it?
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And I did it all myself..... posting picture..... not the flower arrangement...roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gifroll.gif

It's brilliant Sue I love it, thank you so much. I think I may have blushed if I'd tried to photoshop some flowers 'there' lol (or maybe a hot flushembarassed.giflaugh.gif)

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Happy Birthday to Zhivvy's mom, Rob and Anjana!!

I'm bad at the birthday thing. I figure... if I start wishing people Happy Birthday now. Then maybe the others that I've never told. Could get hurt. LOL! I know..I'm being silly, but that's the way I am. laugh.gif


Happy Birthday Everyone!

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[quote name='Anjana wrote:












  SUE. xxxx




roll.gifroll.gifroll.gifBrilliant, that made me laugh out loud Sue!! Thanks so much. Such a lovely bunch of flowers!!laugh.gif


Did that make you thorny?! laugh.gif It sure made me!!roll.gifHappy B-Day dear!

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