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oh dear not again, how many birthdays have I missed ....oooooooopstumblr_loxbuuL5s01qdtw7so1_500.gif
ahhhhhhhh......he scratches his toe at me...how sweet.  Now that's true love. tongue.gif
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wowwww guys you really have moved me with this surprise, thanks thanks thanks from the deepness of my heart!!!

((((((((((Sue))))))))) I received also your card exactly the day of my birthday, how did you do that? lol thanks so much for caring, God bless you!!! I love you sweetheartxxxxxx

((((((((((Laila))))))))))))) thanks sweetheart, lots of love and hugs!!!

(((((((((Anjana))))))))))) wowww thanks for the wonderful videooo ^_^ smoochxxx

(((((((((Zhivvy)))))))))) my best friend, party will be tomorrow and I'm starting to be very excited..I wish you could do that for real...but thanks for making my day in any case sooo special as you arexxxx I love you, God bless ya

(((((((((Mich)))))))))) thanks so muchhhh I had a wonderful one, I went to a few concerts, one was a U2 cover band and they dedicated me Ultraviolet!!! How sweet!!!! Lots of love and hugsxxxxxx

(((((((((Monica)))))))))))) thanks so muchhh sweetheart, happy belated birthday by me too, I hope you had a great one...lots of love and hugsxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(((((((((((Janette)))))))))))))))) tahnks so muchhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((((((((((((Polly))))))))))))))) thanks sweetheart, God knows how much I miss all of you and all the fun we had together...hopefully it won't be long til the next onexoxooxoxox lots of love


Thanks from the deepness of my heart, you made my day really a very special one, and I'm the luckiest girl on earth for having such wonderful precious true friends as all of you, God bless you, I love you with all my heart!!!

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