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ULTIMATE Obscure Set Lists


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OK, so we all have been to countless U2 shows and seen them play all the usuals.  I love the usuals and can sing along with the band, and about 90 percent of the audience, all while crying and cheering. 

My question / topic is this ... about 90 percent of what they play is very repetative.  Not that this is wrong, as they are playing for the majority and the songs are great, but I am sure there are songs that we'd all love to hear that never get played. 


Here is my list for the ULTIMATE set of rarely / never played U2 songs.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Or provide your own ...

A Day Without Me
Another Time / Another Place
Elvis Presley and America
God Part II
Ground Beneath Her Feet 
I Threw A Brick
Indian Summer Sky
Love And Peace or Else
One Tree Hill 
Original of the Species
Red Hill Mining Town
Seconds (Love Edge on this)
So Cruel
Stand Up Comedy
Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
Stories For Boys
The Refugee
Two Hearts Beat As One
Unknown Caller
Wild Honey
Window in the Skies
With A Shout (Jerusalem)

Yeah, I know it is alphabetical, but it is just the way it was done. 

I left a lot out that I am sure you like.  Tell me what you think.

John The Chop

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I like it! Some gret songs there which I have never been lucky enough to hear live!

Red Hill mining town would be my favourite to hear out of those but some other great ones too!

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Nice list!! And absolutely different than "the usual" setlistsmile.gif


From that list I'd love to hear especially Heartland, So Cruel, One tree hill, Red hill mining town and Two hearts beat as one.


And I would add Acrobat to my list!!!

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Fantastic list...and so many of my favorites: Elvis Presley and America, God Part II, Indian Summer Sky, Love And Peace or Else, One Tree Hill, Original of the Species, Red Hill Mining Town, So Cruel, Stay (Faraway, So Close!), The Refugee, Two Hearts Beat As One, Unknown Caller, Wild Honey, Wire (and Acrobat)...I'd be willing to go anywhere in the world to see this show tongue.gif

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