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[quote name='Zhivvy wrote:

xtraspicy62 wrote:

badsilver']can we do a U2 Christmas tree contest next? Decorate in U2 themed things? Just a thought....I got one started (well the trimming so far).

that would be cool badsilver, would you and zhivvy like to run that one? zhivvy has already suggested it, and it is such a fun thing to do, i highly recommend it!


In the meantime, im kinda busy with my work and am already putting together another contest to be announced next week.


so zhivvy and badsilver---are you in?!

I am in!!!!!! Badsilver?happy.gif

zhivvy, badsilver sent me a PM and said she would like to try it---but she needs a lot of help---so would the two of you please connect with eachother and see if you can come up with something?

You dont have to be real tech saavy at all...its easy and fun to do, and bigwave will help you set up voting and such....

so go on ahead, my dears, just believe in yourself and you can do anything!!smile.gif

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I dont know if this is the right place to respond. Any U2 button(s) will be fine with me. Unless the calendar is available. if that is still available I would like that.

Jason Royal

64 Mystery Lane

Athol, MA 01331

jason, you did ok! i got this and will get you the calendar that you wanted. BTW, do you know how to send a private message, or a PM? you also could have done that...

but, I will look into ordering right away...

thanks for the info, and great job on the bono pumpkin---my personal favorite image of bono singing!

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[quote name='U2LAWoman wrote:

xtraspicy62']LAWoman, please do share with us your pics! (see my pm..)


and yes, everyone else who would like to share how they made theirs and what techniques they used would be loved!


Please also add more photos of your pumpkins, and ideas for other crafts, art, anything else inspirational too.


if you wanted to share a picture of your pumpkins that werent in the contest, please do that too!

Thank you Spicy, for the carving I used wood carving tools. They were great and easy to manage and cut very well, especially for the skinning(??)because I think knives are hard to use and you don't have as much control and I do like to keep my hands and fingers intact..ha.And I used artificial light that came with a fake pumpkin I had. I drew Zoo baby with a pencil first. You know his head is kind of lemon shaped..?





thank you so much for sharing with everyone about how you  made your masterpiece!


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Spicy... check your messages girl! 
I got your message hun but as my e-mail is still having problems I don't think you have got my reply. Could you please send your info to me and when I get it I will post on this thread that I have recieved it. xoxoxoxoxox
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