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set list for nz/aus


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as much as i cannot wait for the tour to make it back down under, i think there are songs that really hold no place on the tour down here, anymore...i.e miss sarajevo,walk on, and especially hold me thrill me kiss me kill me, dont get me wrong i love these songs, but at a live show we aussies want to keep it rocking, why has 'mofo' been shelved as a live song for so long?? it is as good as it gets live!! also , what has happened to 'bullet the blue sky'?? miss sarajevo was great in 05, but time to move on, and what about 'breathe" its another i have noticed that has dissapeared slowly from the set list.

i even think 'lemon' woukld be a great return, and songs such as 'numb' and even 'the fly' or 'zoo station'.

its just one mans opinion, but a man who happens to love this great band and whatever the set list, im sure i wont be dissapointed as i never have watching u2 in action.

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