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Mumford and Sons, can't get enough of this band


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Has anyone seen them live?  I'd love to see them live because watching videos of them live just doesn't cut it.  They play their hearts out live, you can just tell, they live to play.

What an amazing amount of talent these guys have, and the lyrics, oh the lyrics.  How can such a young soul have such wisdom and insight.  The way Marcus sings the songs (tells his story) is so perfect.  Reminds me of someone else we all adore here.

They have a deluxe edition coming out of Sigh No More with live audio performances and a DVD.  The DVD says Region 0 and I know Region 0 is suppose to be able to play anywhere in the world, if your dvd player has that all region capability.  How do I know if my dvd player will play it, because I want to buy it.

They are so unique smile.gif
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