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Your dreams for U2's Future


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We, the fans, have little to no say over what U2 does or will do.  Nonetheless, I find myself wistfully thinking of things I would like to see them do, since I really do not buy into the argument that they are on the verge of being over-the-hill.  Naturally this is a presumptuous and perhaps even arrogant exercise on my part.  But, I am sure those are qualities none of those guys will fully mis-understand laugh.gif And, besides, we engage in fanciful thought on this board all of the time! So, with that said, what would you like to see U2 do?

I have a few ideas, most of which have already been mentioned in other threads (sorry for that).

I would like them to:

  • -- Play in India and in China including an impromptu acoustic bit on the Great Wall

  • -- Premiere a song (or two) in space--either on the upcoming private space flights or on the International Space Station

  • -- Incorporate more cool tech into future shows including holograms and virtual reality/3D immersive elements

  • -- Write their individual autobiographies, but perhaps published as a single text--or 4-volume collection

  • -- Set-up a grant fund for aspiring creatives, innovators and BIG THINKERS

  • -- Avail themselves of developing bio-technologies so that they can continue performing and producing for another 40 years, at least.

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I agree with you your thoughts on U2's future. A concert from space. A concert in the remote places like Iraq, Afghanistan, all those countries where women wear veils. They have a right to see my Prince too. He is the light that they wait for, the messenger of good news, a light to them and the masses. I would love to see them chant my Princes name.

 But, I would like them to do Iraq, Afghanistan, the most 4 corners of the earth, ASAP, so they can return home to their families. Because I can't imagine what it feels like to be separated from "Prince1, or Adam, Larry and Edge if I was their spiritual partner. I am like a cat, I like to have my spiritual spouse very close to me, where I can hug him all the time, and lay on his chest too, I like the fact that the Prince can actually stay home and become a "Internet Guru" and be there for his family most of the time. That is so cool, so right. I wanted that, I started to do things, but so few are spiritually enlightened to even understand, that they can be loved so much and missed so much, that one would go 110 to make it possible for them to stay home, because home is the warmest and best place to be, with a nice cup of tea and meditating like Budha, on how great ones love for God is, and also for Bono. Just two great loves of mine that I am feeling so much of it, that I can say I am happy and in love right now as I write this. In love with God's true plan for us, and in love with Bono for being a "special man" amongst all of us. I can see God's beauty in Bono. I am totally seduced by is grace. I tell you, I know one thing, is not easy being "separated from a person one loves". Its very hard.

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I hope they find their true spirituality '' home'' somewhere somehow some new place if they havnt yet , and I hope they dont push themselves to make more shows and I hope they dont end up like Michael Jackson or John Foggerty.........................And I hope they never forget what I have done in the thought thread even if I move on.......................... :o)And most of all I hope they never worry about what the public or the ''famous'' peers say or think about their decisions or views............................May God hopefully guide them safely home wherever it may be...............................And may they always stay safe tonight.....................

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