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I always feel like somebodys watching me......


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sorry, security. and avi looks nice, what you mean with elsewhere?

Elsewhere, meaning not here on this board.  She is a filmmaker.  She even had a clip of her first virtual world film on CNN and IBM's Smarter Planet, and the whole film screened at the Cambridge Int'l Film Festival, UK.  She is trying to complete a second, but is facing some annoying set-backs at the moment.  At any rate, she has a small following. :-)

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[quote name='barbara1 wrote:

security_in_anonymity']Here, here is the scene that made its way onto CNN.  It looks a little stretched, because the CNN site uses some sort of weird compression.  Unfortunately, it won't let me embed the clip here.  :-(

looks like my daughter's simms.


Yes, Virtual technologies are still quite rudimentary, especially at the consumer-grade level.  Although there are some enterprise-level platforms where the graphics are much more realistic.  What is interesting about virtual world platforms, however, is the ability for people to interact in real-time--and in the not too distant future, that interaction will become much more realistic.

I just saw a new announcement today for a new wii-style interface that will allow one to film inside virtual platforms as if one is actually carrying a film camera (or video camera) rather than having to use a mouse to simulate cinematography.  Soon, we will not have to use any interface device at all--just our bodies.

I have also seen the prototypes of interfaces that allow one to move an avatar on the screen, in a virtual platform, using only thought.  This is being researched to assist the paralyzed, for example.  

The film looks like  cartoon, but the nascent research going on in that platform is quite interesting, and many substantive organizations are in there doing stuff, like NASA and the State Department, various military branches, hundreds of universities, embassies, etc.  It is an emerging technology and still quite quite young.  But cool!


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