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I always feel like somebodys watching me......


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SIA, have you seen this http://u2insl.weebly.com/index.html

Yes, Surrenders.  I know of this.  There is a group of u2 role players who stage u2 concerts in the virtual platform. Or at least they used to.  Their venue is in a very very good simulation that reproduces Dublin.  But, I don't really hang out there.  I am not crazy about the crowd.  I think there is someone running around in a Bono avatar too.

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[quote name='security_in_anonymity wrote:

barbara1']WOW, i'll never understand how that works, security, but it sounds amazing.

Oh, but you will, Barbara!

Just as you learned   to use the internet and then social media, you will learn this too, because it will become the normal way of doing things.  This is not sci-fi....virtual elements and environments and the web as a 3D immersive space, will be our world within the next few years.  It is already the reality for the pioneers in the fields.  Now it is just a matter of designing easier interfaces and rendering the visuals to be more realistic, and for the benefits of the technology to be apparent based on useful applications of it.  This is all coming, and it is coming very fast!
unfortunately, as with everything, while there are fantastically positive possibilities, the possibility for abuse and evil is just as strong....
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