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Enjoy today's parody of "Moment Of Surrender" from the album No Line On The Horizon:

"More Mints For Offender"

It's now a song about a guy dating a girl with chronic bad breath.

You'll find many more U2 parodies at ***SHAMELESS PLUG WARNING*** a site full of U2 lyrics & covers. EVERY U2 SONG SHALL BE PARODIED!!!! TO THE THEME OF FOOD!!!!


Your feedback is always appreciated! I get a lot of views but seems most of you seem shy.  Show a little love, people. Help me make these parodies better with your suggestions or comments.

Thanks... and enjoy!


More Mints For Offender
Parody of "Moment Of Surrender"

I tried not raising ire
She adds to courses: garlic
Laying cloves entire
Till the ire stayed with me

She's prone to halitosis
She'll render me unconscious
Two rolls of mints she'll need
And just one roll of Certs on me
Leaving me dreading to stay

I fret my self will tire
Oh God, I lose desire!
It's not that I don't breathe in her love
But if she breathes on me
Please, don't breathe on me!

I need more mints for offender
I scolded at the breeze
Now would she notice me passing out
Or would notice if I flee?

I don't want to be an *sshole
But I halt her in our parked car
My gag reflex is out of control
I'm gagging, breaking tact
Gagging, breaking tact
And I start
For the window, down it rolls
To the window I must convalesce
To the window I turn
The smells don't cease, take their toll

I was scrunching in my slumber
Having a real lucid dream
She'll kiss me despite my objections
Her face sharing strong cuisine
I need more mints for offender
Derision over transferability
She always notices me passing gas
Yet okay doing this to me

We were eating at a cafe
Chewed with patience, sat across
Every time I start to share my dismay
Chocking sounds while my eyes, they popped

Get some more mints for Offender
Excision of this irritability
She does not notice that her mouth
Had really injusticed me

No, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no
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