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Day of Rejoicing


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U2 played "Scarlet" today in New Zealand, Nov-25-2010!  They have never played it live (other than a TV show in 1981.)  The song only has one lyric, "Rejoice."  I have wondered why they called the song "Scarlet."  They couldn't call it "Rejoice" because that name was already taken on the Album (October).  But, why not red or crimson?  When I think of scarlet, I think of blood.  Why would we rejoice over blood? 


"To the side of a hill, blood was spilled...

Jerusalem, Jerusalem...

I want to go to the foot of Mount Zion

To the foot of He who made me see...

To the side of a hill, where we were still

We were filled with a love

And we're going to be there again."  With a Shout


We do rejoice over the blood Jesus spilled for us on the hill.  His death and resurrection is an atonement for our sin.  Here in America it is Thanksgiving.  We give thanks.  We rejoice for all we have been given... family, friends, new birth, life...


Bono once said, "Intimacy is the new punk rock."  I think playing "Scarlet" is another example of U2 turning a large venue into a small living room.  I love the song "Scarlet."  The new lyrics Bono has added is of course different.  I wonder if they plan to remake this song and put in on "Songs of Assent."

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