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Presale Code Info & Issues South America (Updated Dec. 9th)

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This chart (yellow box) is not shown on my screen... Is it because I am Cedar level (group 2)?  Will I see that tomorrow or you think I should try to contact tickets for fun?eyes.gif

you should see this box first, then the menu changes with more options when you choose 1st option from drop down menu



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I have a CODE for pre sale but it doesnt work!! T4F doesnt accept it... in the website it says that its not a valid code..


butI just signed in this morning, paid to subscribe and everything... its 3U2...


What is happening guys..


I tried to buy tickets this whole morning and it didnt work!! please help me!!

I just looked in the website and all the good seats are sold out!!!!!!

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Please read what bigwave said, you need to call customer services:


For those who are still having code not

showing up, or it appearing used, when you are sure it has not been

used, then please call Customer Services using one of these numbers,

they will be able to verify your details and help resolve :


1-800-615-1324 (inside the US)
916-414-2921 (outside the US).

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Dear Renata,


Was your problem with presale code solved? 'Cause I've had the same problem :-(





Call immediately Customer Services


+914-414-2921 (outside the US).


Have all your subscriber information at hand and explain your problem...

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