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Presale Code Info & Issues South America (Updated Dec. 9th)

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Ok. But if the one that I choose appears as invalid in the moment of the presale (as a lot of people have complained), could I use the other one?

Thank you a lot.


yes... you could use the other one...


if none of the codes work, please report this immediately in the CONTACT US form in the HELP page (http://www.u2.com/help/index/)

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I bouth my 4 tickets, got tickets for fun confirmation of purchase e-mail, got the values debited from my credit card, but when I log in tickets for fun site, in my account there is NO INFO whatsoever...no purchase history, no nothing....this is making me SERIOUSLY worried...

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Please, what may I do? I didn1t revcieve my code number to teh concert in São Paulo, the April 10th, 2011!!

Help me, the sales have already started!


Please delete all the cookies in your web browser and clean the cache... close the browser and sign in again to U2.com... check again both your account info page 




and the presale page




If the code still doesn't show up, or it appears used when you are sure it has not been used, then please call Customer Services using one of these numbers, they will be able to verify your details and help resolve :


1-800-615-1324 (inside the US)

916-414-2921 (outside the US)


give them all the relevant info. Be as detailed as possible...

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