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Presale Code Info & Issues Brazil / Argentina (Updated Dec. 1st)


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megalomanos']hello! i don't think i understand.. let's see.. i want to buy Four tickets for first Argentina's concert! but if they'll add one more show.. can i purchase another 4 tickets?

and i have two codes...wich one should i use?

In principle you can buy 4 tickets with one code and then if a second date is added you can buy another 4 tickets with a second code.

Or could I just buy 8 tickets for one show if I have two codes?


No, as the maximum is 4 per household (and if you buy more they could be cancelled by ticket seller)

Thanks for your quick reply. I asked, because I was able to buy 8 tickets that way. Even when the Ticketek's website adviced me that I have already purchased 4 tickets (entered using my second code), it allowed me to buy another 4.


What keeps me thinking is what I was said according to the presale e-mail I received this morning:


"All subscribers with a qualifying presale access code are able to purchase up to FOUR TICKETS for either of these shows in a single transaction (per presale access code). "


I surely will get those tickets cancelled? Only the last 4, or the 8 of them?

I am not wanting to panic you, but I would definitely contact the ticket seller to be sure, as in previous presales overbuying has led to tickets being cancelled for some. Each Ticket agency and venue has its own rules on this, but we are asked here simply to pass on the general rule, and if in doubt make sure you get written confirmation you are within any limits.

I contacted Ticketek before posting here, and they told me there was no problem unless they call me (but if they call me when there are no more tickets available, it doesn't help at all) but they weren't really sure. However, I have an e-mail with both transactions confirmed.


I thought that maybe U2 had their own rules regarding presales. I now where I'm standing now thanks to your reply.


Thanks for your help!

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