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Bono interviewed on FOX news on fighting AIDS in Africa


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Ilove while I love and enjoy your posts I dont fully agree with you , you see Positive is good to praise and encourage the good in certain criterias but the negative pinpoints what is needed or lacking and needs attention but what needs addressing is a balance of both but mainly I think mainly the objective should be to address the worst points to then to address what positives are being done about it to then encourage the right attention as to what more is needed then fulfilling desired aim..................In this case Paul is kinda praising which is good depending if is aim is to win attention to the negative issue which need addressing , I guess every piece of bread needs its butter or else its too dry...........

Good interview but Goverment change and whos to know what the future holds thats the danger of ever changing goverments and authorities...................Keep an open mind I say this to everyone................

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