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Bono gives Oakville family sneak peak of Spiderman


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There's been so many negative news surrounding the upcoming Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark musical the last few weeks (or months, or years) that I thought I'd share a positive story passed along to me from reader Andrew McIvor in Oakville, Ont.

Last month, McIvor and his family were in New York and had tickets to what was supposed to be the first Spider-Man preview on November 14. That preview was cancelled and pushed back a couple weeks, much to their disappointment. But then, well, I'll throw the story over to McIvor here:

We continued with our planned trip staying at The Westin on 43rd St just down the street from the Foxwoods Theater where Spiderman was to preview.

On the Friday night, we bumped into Bono whilst returning to our hotel. He was extremely gracious and once he had heard of our disappointment he invited us in to watch rehearsal of the first act.

He took time to explain to us the concert and how delighted he was to have the current cast including a Peter Parker with a voice like Jeff Buckley. [That would be Reeve Carney.]

He left us with his PA and we stood at the back observing the crew and team as the actors went through some of the show. Bono returned about 30 minutes later to ask us how we enjoyed it.

McIvor and his family also got a photo with Bono - proof this isn't just a web of lies - and a full refund on their tickets. Writes the Oakville resident: "I am not the biggest U2 fan but hats off to Bono for providing us a once-in-a-lifetime experience… I will be back to see Spiderman as soon as I can get back to NYC."

And thanks to McIvor for passing along his story and photo. (The photo, incidentally, may finally explain why Bono always wears his sunglasses - to avoid red eye.)

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