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I like the idea of him multiplying his wealth, all he has to do is multiply what he has already. That came from my mother from the other side. Some people are meant to have what they have, after all, God gives wealth and power; and God takes it away, but in my Prince's case, he can multiply it to further his labour of love. I asked my mother, one day, when I had not what I needed, in that case, I wished for a glass of juice; with $1 in my hand, alone with the kids, at about 4:30 on a saturday, I asked my mother, how I could multiply the $1 to get what I needed. I went to sleep with my kids, feeling upset and lonely, my spouse not with us, and as soon as I feel into a deep sleep, she came, no shes, a dress known to me, long black hair walking in the clouds and she said, thats the easiest questions you have ever asked me. Just take what you have and multiply it, the house. So I started like that from a single to a 2 family, and now, I am almost losing everything because of this god forsaken change in marriage status, dragging out forever, but my mother is always right. So, I think my Prince has the windows all open to do what she says and he shall always end up on top, since thats my mother, obviously she knows my Prince already from here and from there, she knows he is "ONE" different from the rest. I wish my Prince could show me how to get our of this financial situation by investing low figure money. My mind is empty, no good thoughts, no bad thoughts, he is always in there, so, maybe he could rescue me again by holding me and showing me how to get out of this. Anyone paying 9% on their mortgage is suffering due to the betrayal of the government. So, my Prince, I trust him, I feel like reaching out to him and asking him, to come up with a plan to rescue his own daisies since he is a business genius forever, a Lord Hewsen, I need to refi 115k to a 2.50% no taxes included on the loan. I have never done this, but I shall reach out for help, being that I see him as a world leader, not like a regular president of a country, he has this power that could help me stop suffering from all these things which cause stress, which in turn sends me to the grave faster, without me yet having met him. That is why I am saying that I want my Prince to invent something for his people, his daisies, might as well rule as a King his own people. The position of him, is understood already because that is his true nature. He is a king for real during this existence but goes as Bono of the Rock Group U2. 

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