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Michelaneous Music Awards 2010


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The Michelaneous Music Awards will be held for the first time on December 31st. The MMA's are the way I've been listening to music in 2010 and what I think is the best music of the passed year. Those are the different categories :

Album Of The Year

Song Of The Year

Classic Album Award

Classic Song Award

Most-Heard Song Of The Year (In partnership with iTunes)

Reader's Special - Greatest Songs Of All Time : My readers can also participate in this event : every person that reads this can send me their own Top 3 Of All Time through a comment on this article. On December 31st everything will be revealed! If you're reading this in 2011, don't worry! You still can vote for the greatest song of all time. I will make sure the list is updated every week with all the votes I recieve and at the end of 2011 the whole list will be updatet and posted when the MMA's return to Blog Rockin' Bits!

What you need to check : http://michelaneous.wordpress.com/2010/12/25/michelaneous-music-awards-2010/

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