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What was positive about 2010?

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2010 was pretty rough in places, especially as it comes to a close, so it is nice to take a moment and reflect upon the good "))))


It seems that we were finally able to figure out what was going on with my daughter and we were able to watch her grab hold of success and just soar - that was a highlight and watching my son get straight A's in his first middle school semester was another highlight


Seeing U2 in Las Vegas and being the first person through the GA turnstyle at the Rose Bowl was a thrill (was that 2010 or 2009??? LOL!!!)


Seeing my postponed show get closer and closer


Holding ourselves together even with our financial woes


Managed to learn to relax a little more and worry a little less (this is a work in progress to be continued next year, lol!!!)

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whoo hoo i've had the best year! i am so greatful for it! i travelled ( i was in danger of being sucked into the black hole that is swansea once you re in theres never any getting out!)

i decided that i was going to see bono. on my own ( allright there were 50 thousand other peeps there details details..) i was actually terrified at getting on a plane by myself ewating a meal in a restuarant by myself and even worse public transport! but i did!

i had a blind date with zhivvy in the ga queue in hannover? frankfurt? and had the best weeks ever!

AND THEN in our post concert blues decided to get in the car and drive to paris with bev and helen (met in irish bar in hanoverfrankfurt for 20mins), sleep at the stadium and see u2!! :) best times and i met barbara :)


ooh and in the spring i "ran" a 40k race in paris ooh la la :) took 6 hrs and i lost my phone!


i can only hope that next year is so full of experiences and i keep meeting new u2 friends and of course it'll be the year i marry bono.

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Can i come to the wedding?

And it was a great blind date - I think one of the best first dates ever - you chose a good place, the music was great!! And was Frankfurt with the werewolves!

And Paris will always be imprinted on my mind as the most bizarre weekend away ever - but so much fun and learnt a great lesson of don't start drinking at 4 in the morning when you haven't got a bed to go to in the near future

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great year, great news:

Bono´s surgery was succesfull

Argentinean dates confirmed, and I get my ticket in the RED zone

more personal:

love, job, health...and family: all ok

what more can i ask for?

sounds like ya had a great year! have fun at thee show!
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[quote name='surrenders wrote:

illumination70 wrote:

surrenders wrote:

MacFoley']i found my mojo!

LOL!  I lost mine!


Our son graduated high school early, which is awesome considering we were a little worried early on in his high school life. We all stayed healthy.  We took a real vacation for the first time in years.


Illum and Zooropa_Rockz, you put me to shame, congrats on your accomplishments.



Oh come now, anyone can do what I did this past year!!
I couldn't do a 12k run if my life depended on it...lol


Surly you could figure out my algebra homework and play a round of Beatles Trivial Pursuit!tongue.gif

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