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A fun little thing to try out


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Ok - i was born in 1972 - so the last two digits 72

and i am 38 but will be 39 this year (booooo!!! lol!)

so 72+39 = 111!!!

Same for me!
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[quote name='Zhivvy wrote:

jojes']76 + 35 = 111

it works Zhivvy !

Hi Jess - not seen you for ages!!! Hope you are well, have missed you around here!

Hi all ...

yes, I know I haven't been here for a while ... so much to do and so little time ...

But I'm home sick at the moment ... got the flu and e very very nasty cough ...

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LOL. It's just simple math. You are simply adding your age to your year of birth which will always end up being the current year (+100 because were born in the previous century. Anyone born in this century will only get the result of 11 because they don'd need to add the previous century - i.e. anyone who is 11 or younger). Next year the result will be 112 and you will have to be older than 12 to get that result. Anyone who is 12 or younger will just get the result of 12 because they don't add on the previous century (i.e. they were born in 2000 or after).


Try it:


For 2010: Add your age from last year to your date of birth and you will get 110. If you were 10 or younger in 2010, you will get 10.


For 2012: Add your age that you will be in 2012 to your year of birth and you will get 112. If you will be 12 or younger in 2012, you will get 12.


And if anyone was born in the 19th century, the answer they would get would be 211, 210 or 212 respectively.


Here is an example:


John was born in 1838. That would mean he will be 183 this year. So 38 + 183 = 211. (+200 because of the 2 centuries that precede this century).

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