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U2 3D will return to theaters before shows in Brazil


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First rock concert filmed with the new digital technology in three dimensions, 'U2 3D -' back to the Brazilian circuit in special sessions on days 18, 19 and 20 March, as a warmup for the group's concerts in Brazil, held in April.

Launched in August 2008, when 3D was still small circuit in the country, 'U2 3D -' sold 53,000 tickets in just 14 theaters marked.

The Mobz, the film's distributor, will offer trailers from February 18.

'U2 3D' is a record of the penultimate tour of the band, featuring images taken in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.


Source : http://www.mixpage.com.br...cinemas-antes-dos-shows/

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