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I just saw my land in Costa Rica in a video


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Wow, I about had a heart attack when I just saw the video shoot of my niece in Costa Rica and the whole thing was shot at our property. Uhhh, yeah I have to remember I was a swimsuit model at that age too and she is their champion swimmer and becoming a well known surfer. I STILL DON'T LIKE IT. I called her last night and told her it was very sexy and who authorized the property to be in the video btw. It's a beautiful video, that's how they show the swimsuit lines now, back in my day it was photos, these days videos, but I think its much too sexy. The property looks great, I didn't appreciate the ads that were attached to it though. Like luxury homes for rent etc. holiday and weddings. Grrrr....all I did was type in my last name and Costa Rica on youtube and that is how I found out! Yes, I am a VERY PROTECTIVE aunt! I almost made her move up here to Florida it freaked me out, its not that bad, she is in a swimsuit and the suits I wore were the same way, it's just different cuz I still think of her as so young, and she is pretty much grown now.

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