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I need help making a decision.


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  I've been searching for an Funny, anti-valentine's day shirt and came across a couple of them,but only have enough money for one of them.

  My question is which do you think would be a great shirt to wear in protest to February 14TH?


 Choice Number 1.



  Choice 2



  Choice 3


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All of the shirts are funny and sarcasticsmile.gif 


If I've understood correctly, the Valentine's day is mainly lovers' day in USA? How about in England and other countries?


Here in Finland the Valentine's day is traslated to "friendship day / friends' day" - so it's not associated with romantic love here (luckily). So with my friends we usually go to the movies or for a dinner and it's general to send Happy valentine's day postcards and maybe buy some little presents to nearest friends.


In general, I could protest against the more and more commercial feeling of the valentine's day... of course love and friendship are the most important things and it's somehow good that there is a special day marked in calendar for showing them but we should remember to show them everyday...(I know, it's a cliche...eyes.gifeyes.gif)

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