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Why I'm disappointed with U2

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C'mon guys! You know better than that. Sunday Times trying to make a quick buck! You know that Bono isn't racist, and at the same time, there's media outlets that are trying to sell sensationalism...by trying to bring down the biggest band in the world. As said, there were 5 reporters present, and the interview was recorded. According to the journalists present, Bono in no way indicated he was a supporter of that song. He did say that he knew of Malema, but that's it with that. The journalists, who were present, read the Sunday Times, and said the headlines were very misleading...and that there's no way that Bono showed support for that song or Malema. At the interview, he did mention that when he was a kid, he and his uncle would sing rebel songs. His mom didn't like it (protestant) and his uncle was catholic. He also explained why he inserted, "this is not a rebel song" before he sang Sunday Bloody Sunday.

One thing I did realize is all of a sudden some new people have come onto this site just to post some negative comments about them due to this article....trying to put their ignorant thoughts into this. We probably won't hear from them again until another negative article comes out.

In fact, there's this other sight that I go to a lot, that always bash U2. It's ultimate-guitar.com (for guitar tabs), they always try to put them in a negative spot light, but never publish their good deeds. There's also a lot of U2 supporters on that site that always criticize the site owners for that, I for one of them. Such examples are: Bono for president? Metal band takes on U2 over file-sharing, U2 wants their own video game. In fact, they've been getting a lot of criticism lately, that now they're posting the positives. Also, this site doesn't allow 'trolling' (when you just put hate/negative remarks about the band, in posts regarding them), but they do allow it when the article is about U2.

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