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Counting Continued...Yet Again

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I was using one of those little upright carts and someone was blocking the doorway out so I zoomed around them and when my cart's front wheels hit the snow it and I went for a lip stand.


My tins of tuna rolling across the snowpacked parking lot. Before I swore, I chanced a look up to see who saw and two elderly couples were walking arm in arm because it's slippery and snowing again and instead of what i really wanted to say I smiled and said, "SHUCKS!" and made the aw shucks snappy arm movement and then I threw in an all safe referee signal and hollered happily, "NO EGGS! I didn't have eggs."


And they laughed and one of the old guys came to help me fetch my tuna. Meanwhile I have a goose egg bruise growing on my shin.



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49305 - oh thanks Sue - that is really sweet of you!

I guess I am lucky as this is first cold of winter so doing quite well!

hope you are good

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49306-hi zhivv,sorry to hear your not feeling well,i just hope you don,t get it as bad as i had it.s really nasty.i,m still not quite 100percent and this has been almost 4 weeks.

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