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mood thread again!!!!


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I'm having a fantastic week even though I have to get up and go to work every day. UGH I keep telling myself,,, I am blessed to have a job,, I am blessed to have a job,,, thank goodness the alarm clock is across the room.

Since the days are getting shorter, it practically takes a crane to yank me out of my warm bed.


Beautiful weather here in the Great Lakes Region. Fall is my favorite season and I enjoy watching the leaves display such vibrant reds, gold, and orange hues this time of year.


I miss the comradery that we shared during the U2 360 tour. :{ Looking forward to more U2 in the Zoo with you! :}


You are so special to me! Y'all are the only ones that can relate to my obsession of being a U2 fan!!


Have a Magnificent Week!

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