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mood thread again!!!!


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spitting nails I'm so mad right now.

I came home and the road crews had ploughed the street down really deep which you'd think is a good thing except they went down so deep that it left the driveways and sidewalks with a several inches high squared curb. i have a steep and short drive way to get up and so on slippery snow have to be going fairly quickly to make it up.


I didn't notice the blunt edge until I was turned into the drive, hit it full on and got stuck, as the car slid off and back down onto the road the front end hit hard. Sure enough there's a piece underneath that is ripped off and dented in.


First I got a shovel and chiseled away some sort of incline to it cussing and fuming and then I managed to leave a half civil message on the Town voicemail as I want the Town manager to deal with this in the morning. i've had this car less than a year.


I'm PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And apparently i shovelled so hard i have strained my pinky finger so typing is difficult and i'm getting even more mad

And my tooth aches




pardon me while i go have a moment to cool down

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Oh Scout! No wonder you are so pissed off - anyone would be!

I hope that the town council gets back in touch with you and sorts out the damage to your car

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I think I'm starting to settle down.

Going to take a hot shower to loose the rest of this bad energy. It is just a car ... but it's my first "real" car where I'm making payments and all. I was never hard on my vehicles but I also need this one to last. For frick's sake I'm not made of money. Every dollar is spoken for in the month ...


Uh oh, i'm getting sucked into the negative vortex again. Into the hot shower i go!


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